If you get lost and need help, you can return to the Home page by pressing the “M” button.


Q: How do I use the search function?

A: If you want to narrow your scope to just one gallery or one work of art, you may do so using the search function. We understand some museum visitors would rather focus on one gallery or one floor instead of  traveling back and forth through the whole museum. By using the search function, you can have control of your museum experience.

Many of the prompts are also sorted by theme. You can search for and select prompts based on these themes if you would like to narrow your scope in that way.


Q: Do I have to make a profile?

A: No, you don’t; however, there are many benefits to creating a personal profile.  All of the social features (leaving responses on prompts, upvoting, creating prompts, and favoriting) are only available to registered users. And don’t worry, your personal information will always remain completely safe and confidential.


Q: How does favoriting work?

A: With over 1,500 prompts in The Infinite Museum database, finding a specific prompt is difficult. Favoriting a prompt allows you to save that prompt to your personal profile for easy access later on.


Q: How do I use the response function?

A: The response section is your opportunity to share your response to the art and the prompt. By submitting a response, your comments will be saved in the “User Responses” section of the prompt board and your personal profile. You can also attach photos to your response. Just take a picture (no flash please!), and click on the camera on the responses page to choose it from your device’s photo album.


Q: What are upvotes?

A: Upvotes are a special way users can share which responses they think are particularly good or insightful. The responses with the most upvotes will appear at the top of the user responses section of the prompt board.


Q: I can’t find this work of art / The work of art I’m looking for is not on display.

A: There are several reasons why an artwork may not currently be on display. Some works  are lent to the museum, so they may be removed. Works may be temporarily removed for maintenance occurring in the museum. The most common reason why a work of art may not be on display is that the museum rotates works each semester. No matter what the situation, we are sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope it will be back on display soon! Just press “Onward” and find a new artwork prompt.


Q: How do I submit a prompt?

A: You can access the “Submit a Prompt” page through the button on your profile page. Once on the “Submit a Prompt” page, fill in the title of the work and the gallery it appears in. If you are submitting a general prompt, write the word “General” in the title space and “Any Gallery” if it pertains to the whole museum. Finally, enter your prompt idea in the indicated box. If you have additional media that pertains to your prompt, you may do so by selecting a file from your device’s photo album. After submitting a prompt, it may take a while for the museum staff to respond, but you should receive an email informing you of the acceptance or rejection of your prompt.


Q: Why have I seen the same prompts come up?

A: The prompts are generated completely randomly, so it is possible you’ll see the same one.  If that happens just hit the “Onward” button to find another.


Q: How do the social media functions work?

A: The various social media buttons on the Response page will open the appropriate app on your device, and your response will always be followed with #theinfinitemuseum.


Tips and Tricks:


-In order to access all of our features most efficiently, turn your mobile device so it is in landscape mode.
-If you don’t know where a certain gallery is located, a map of the museum can be accessed by clicking the symbol next to the gallery name on the prompt board.